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How Thick Is Your Bible?

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It has been my privilege to participate in the training of biblical counselors for the past twenty years.  Many students enthusiastically embrace biblical counseling theory in the classroom, but then have trouble when they practice counseling in fictitious role play scenarios and later when they attempt to work with actual counselees under the supervision of […]

How a Biblical Counseling Center Reinforces the Importance of the Local Church


IBCD is a regional counseling training center. While our primary purpose is to equip church leaders to disciple and counsel, we also offer counseling1The main reason that we counsel is so that our trainees can observe live counseling. We also welcome the opportunity to come alongside of local church leaders to address their difficult cases. […]

Be Slow to Speak

Be Slow to Speak

Concern about civility in public discourse has been a major topic during the recent presidential contest. I chose to watch one of the Republican debates and was shocked to hear the petty name-calling and crude insults coming from men who were aspiring to occupy the oval office. Many in the media expressed concern that those […]