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Counseling Care for Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse DVD

I am VERY excited about the new IBCD observation video series on spousal abuse. Dr. Jeremy Pierre of Southern Seminary does an amazing job of portraying the subtle but coercive ways of the abuser. Chris Moles does a masterful job of confronting the abuser while gently educating the well-meaning pastor (played by Craig Marshall) on […]

Educating Your Elders About Abuse

Well-meaning church leaders often fail to distinguish between ordinary marital conflict and situations in which one spouse is abusing the other. The abusive spouse, usually the husband, is often able to manipulate inexperienced counselors by deflecting attention from his sin and focusing upon the sin of the mistreated spouse. Over time, as the oppression continues […]

Strategies for Fighting Depression Well

two pairs of boxing gloves

Because of recent events, there has been a lot written about the topic of depression and suicide, much of which has been very critical of churches and biblical counselors. We have a friend who has been engaged in a long-term heroic struggle with depression that has included times of fighting suicidal thoughts. She has been following the many blogs and believes that […]