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Helping Adult Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse

Recent news reports have revealed the sad reality of several adult women who were victims of sexual misconduct by a man in spiritual leadership. The following article offers suggestions for the counselor who has the opportunity to counsel women in similar situations.1Though this article addresses female victims, men can also be victims of sexual abuse, […]

A Phased Reopening of a Formerly Abusive Marriage

During the COVID crisis, restrictions have been put in place which have sometimes kept people apart for the purpose of safety. For counseling cases in which there has been marital abuse the victim often must be separated from the abuser for the sake of safety. During this time, we counsel the abuser separate from the […]

Educating Your Elders About Abuse

Well-meaning church leaders often fail to distinguish between ordinary marital conflict and situations in which one spouse is abusing the other. The abusive spouse, usually the husband, is often able to manipulate inexperienced counselors by deflecting attention from his sin and focusing upon the sin of the mistreated spouse. Over time, as the oppression continues […]

The Abuse Pendulum (Part 2)

BCC Staff: Today we finish a two-part blog about domestic abuse by Dr. Jim Newheiser. He continues to evaluate common statements you hear about ministering to those who’ve experienced domestic abuse. We trust you will be challenged and equipped by what he offers. If you feel that you are being mistreated or controlled, leave the […]

The Abuse Pendulum (Part 1)

BCC Staff: Today and tomorrow we are running a two-part blog about domestic abuse by Dr. Jim Newheiser. He offers a lot of food for thought, and we hope you are well nourished by it. I am thankful to God that many necessary and important books and articles are being written to increase awareness of […]