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Parenting in an LGBTQ Culture

For many Christian parents, their worst nightmare is that their child (or grandchild) will come out as homosexual or transgender. Phillip, a fourteen-year-old boy, told his parents that he believes that he…

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Balancing the Billy Graham Rule

It is well known that from the earliest days of their ministry together, Billy Graham and his team made a rule not to be alone with a woman to whom they were…

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New Book: The Abuse Pendulum

In the early days of my biblical counseling experience (nearly 40 years ago) concern for protecting marriage sometimes kept us from doing enough to protect spouses (usually women) who were being oppressed….

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Who Is Competent to Counsel?

We Are All Called to Be Counselors Jay Adams launched the modern biblical counseling movement by quoting Romans 15:14, which states, “I myself am satisfied about you, my brothers, that you yourselves…

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Hebrews 11 and Cancel Culture

We all have become familiar with cancel culture in the media, entertainment, and academia. People who take unpopular positions are banished from social media and school campuses. Speakers who are deemed to…

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Balanced Preaching: A Four-Legged Stool as a Model

I am pleased to share my latest journal article, published in the Southeastern Seminary’s journal, the Southeastern Theological Review. Abstract: While consecutive expository preaching has become the norm in many conservative churches,…

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