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Talk to Me, Don’t Text Me
I once heard Sam Crabtree, who wrote one of my favorite books “Practicing Affirmation”, say that he had thought of writing a follow-up volume about “Practicing Correction”. But he said that if…
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cracked earth
Droughts Expose Our Idols
When we lived in Southern California, we observed that the weather there tends to fluctuate between extremes. Some years the rain would be plentiful, then there would be years of drought. There’s…
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Educating Your Elders About Abuse
Well-meaning church leaders often fail to distinguish between ordinary marital conflict and situations in which one spouse is abusing the other. The abusive spouse, usually the husband, is often able to manipulate…
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Reporting Sexual Abuse
I have been involved in several counseling cases in which a grown woman reveals that she was sexually abused in her childhood. The circumstances were never reported to the authorities, nor had…
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The Abuse Pendulum (Part 2)
BCC Staff: Today we finish a two-part blog about domestic abuse by Dr. Jim Newheiser. He continues to evaluate common statements you hear about ministering to those who’ve experienced domestic abuse. We…
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How Thick Is Your Bible?
It has been my privilege to participate in the training of biblical counselors for the past twenty years.  Many students enthusiastically embrace biblical counseling theory in the classroom, but then have trouble…
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